An Effort to Make Students Learn how to Empathize Not to Sympathize

On 27 September 2022, Pratap Public School, Sector-6, Karnal proved that they do not believe in only literacy, rather they believe in education and the overall development of their students and society. Dr. Puja Waalia Mann (Principal), with her constant efforts towards the same belief, visited Tapan Rehabilitation Society, Nilokheri, along with Ms. Nidhi Khullar, Ms. Richa Sharma and volunteer students. The purpose of the visit was to make the students meet the special members of society. In the centre, students saw  different techniques and methods used for students who are differently challenged. Pratapians have also donated stationary items to society students. It was a new experience for the students as they realized, in spite of the challenges, how nicely students learn and do new things. The moral learned from the visit was not leave hope and keep trying your best, as every individual is blessed with special qualities.