PPS has always given more emphasis on practical and knowledge than to bookish knowledge. Proper infrastructure has been put in place to ensure active participation of students in the teaching-learning process. Each discipline has its own full fledged world-class lab catering to the varied needs of the growing minds. These labs, fully equipped with ultra modern facilities, make learning an easy and a joyous experience, thereby strengthening and cementing the concepts learnt in classroom. The spacious labs are meant to ensure that each child gets his/her space to explore, observe and analyse. These labs are periodically modernised and are in tune with the emerging technologies, scientific innovation and evolving curriculum.

Digi Classrooms

The school was the first in the city to recognize the importance of technological innovations in the field of education and harness them to boost the learning output. To achieve this end, the classrooms have been transformed into Digi classes.

Each class-room has an Interactive Electro-Magnetic Board, Computer, DLP Projector and 2.1 surround sound woofer speakers. Teaching-learning process has now become more exciting and interesting with the help of 3-D contents and modules.

English Language Lab

The school has enhanced its linguistic-training capabilities by installing English Language Lab. This is a digital content-based English language teaching programme for class 3 onwards. Every week, students attend an Instructor-led Training (ILT) and a Computer-based Training (CBT) session. The ILT session is conducted by the teacher with the aid of audio-visual material in the classroom. This is then followed by the CBT session in the lab, wherein the learners practise on their own.

The programme includes all the four language skills: Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing. Besides, it also gives training in improving pronunciation and grammar.

3D Theatre

The school has set up 3-D theatre (stereoscopic content) for classes I XII, wherein the students get to watch the 3-D versions of their learning materials.

Eureka 3-D theatre is a K12 syllabi based digital library with in-built 3-D stereoscopic animations and simulations. The visual effect created by 3-D images fascinates students and helps them gain a deeper understanding and enhance their knowledge capability.


The safety and security of students on the roll is of paramount importance to the school. The constant vigil and supervision by the staff is supplemented with surveillance cameras, public-address system etc. Besides these, fire fighting equipment and other security measures have been put in place to meet the emergencies. Regular mock drills equip them to face the real time emergency situation.

Apart from these, the school has a dynamic crisis- management team to assess the extent of a crisis and respond accordingly. The school was the first one in the city to wake up to the unprecedented threat posed by COVID-19 and take up adequate precautionary measures. The crisis management team swung into pre-emptive action at the very nascent stage of the virus spread.


The legendary Pratap Public Library – the first of its kind in Karnal – is older than Pratap Public School. In fact the genesis of the school can be traced to the phenomenal success of the Library. The huge library boasts of a whopping collection of over 65,000 books on different subjects including reference books and encyclopedias which are accessible to all the students of the school. The library is well equipped with e-books as well.

Separate well-stocked independent libraries exist in other branches of Pratap Public School as well.


Awareness is the first step towards fruitful action to conserve and protect the environment. A major innovative step in this direction has been the establishment of Environment Picture Gallery at Pratap Public School Sector-6. The purpose of the gallery is to bring awareness about increasing environmental degradation.


The auditorium at Sector-6 school is a colossal structure with a seating capacity of approximately 850 students. Equipped with ultra-modern light and sound facilities, the edifice serves as the venue for all the mega events of the school, including intra and inter-school competitions. Besides, it doubles up as the platform for the budding artists to hone their acting and oratorical skills. The palatial building is indeed the most visited place of the school as it provides a fertile platform to its pupils to showcase their talent.


The beautifully landscaped garden at Sector-6 school with its waterfall, meandering water channels, lush green lawns and a large variety of seasonal and annual ornamental flowering plants enhances the ambience of the school.


The school makes concerted efforts to encourage students to participate in sports and games. It has excellent facilities for Cricket, Football, Badminton, Volleyball, Basketball, Tennis and Lawn-Tennis. The school is the first in Karnal to recognize the viability of sports as a potential career option and for this arrangements have been made to provide necessary infrastructure and training facilities. The synthetic Lawn-Tennis Court of international standards and the Cricket Academy are a striking feature of Sector-6 school. Here, children of all age groups are trained by qualified and experienced coaches.


Education is all about nurturing a healthy mind in a healthy body. The school provides quality health service and medical care to every child on the roll. In case of an accident or emergency during school hours, children are administered first aid and parents/guardians are informed as soon as possible. In case of delay in parents’ arrival, the child is taken to a nearby hospital.

Under an arrangement with the Oriental Insurance Company Ltd. the school has initiated an insurance policy that covers every student of the school against death or permanent disability.


The school has qualified counsellors to provide guidance and emotional support to the students. Children are encouraged to open up their hearts and discuss their problems without any inhibition.


Healthy, mouth-watering snacks and fresh juices are available for the students at the school tuck shop. All the items are prepared using high quality ingredients under hygienic conditions.


The school maintains a fleet of school buses. To ensure safe and comfortable travel for students, the buses are regularly sanitized every morning.

However, the school is not responsible for any untoward incident that takes place while commuting.

Parents desiring to avail of the school transport are advised to contact the school office for the same. One month notice in advance must be given by the student who wishes to discontinue the use of school bus, failing which the bus-fee for the entire month has to be paid.

The school does not take responsibility for any private transport.