Art and Handicraft Club (April 15,2023)
Activity- ‘Earthen Models and Pots’ 
On the No Bag Day on 15th April, 2023, students of Class VIII C and VIII D learned to make earthen models of birds, baskets, animals and pots step by step. The activity was a good learning experience for the children as it helps in enhancing creativity, sensory skills, hand and eye co-ordination skills of the students.
Environment Club (April 17,2023)
Activity on ‘Solid Waste Management’
On the No Bag Day, students of Class VIII E and VIII C took the Swachhta Pledge. They also learned to make bins for segregation of Bio- Degradable and Non Bio -Degradable waste . The students then collected and segregated the waste accordingly.
Needle and Thread Club (April 18,2023)
Activity- ‘Hemming and Button Activity’
Students of classes VIII A and VIII B, were taught the skill, they can use in their daily life. The skill of hemming, tucking button, etc. develops the cognitive skills of the children, also helps them to be more patient.
‘Mass Spell Bee Activity’ (April 19,2023)
All the sections of Class VIII, exhibited their dexterity in the mass spell bee activity, on the No Bag Day. They enthusiastically participated in the activity; got kudos and goodies!
Scouts and Guides Club(April 20,2023)
Activity- ‘Tug of War & Skipping Hop’
To channelise their exuberant energies, the young enthusiasts of VIII D & VIII E, partook the vigorous activities of Tug of War and Skipping Hop. Both the activities boosts leg- muscle strength, promotes agility and helps children learn to work as a team.
Pratap Public School, Sector-6, Karnal feels proud to introduce NCC Junior Wing and Division in the school.
On 20 April 2023, first enrollment took place. Students of class IX appeared for physical and written test conducted by subedar Sant Kumar and Hawaldar Subhash Chander of 7Haryana NCC Bn. Karnal. During the enrollment procedure, Lieutenant Richa Sharma (ANO Senior Division and Wing) and CTO Mahender Mann (Junior Division and Wing were also present. The Principal (PPS) appreciated the students for their enthusiasm and efforts.
Health and Wellness Club (April 21,2023)
Activity- ‘Placard Making’
Students of classes VIII B and VIII A learned about the benefits of eating nutritious food, drinking enough water, benefits of quality sleep, first aid etc. by making placards and posters on these themes on the No Bag Day. Students also enjoyed healthy and delicious fruits while realizing their nutritional value.
Reduce, Reuse, Recycle- One Earth, One Chance.'(April 22,2023)
Students of X D presented an excellent assembly on ‘The Earth Day’ which is observed on April 22, every year. Students encouraged the use of sustainable products, conservation of Bio-diversity etc. to make Earth clean and green.
The presentation was lauded by the Principal, Dr. Puja Waalia Mann.
‘Everything You Imagine Can Be Brought To Reality….that is ART.’
Students of Classes VI- VIII indulged into creativity and made beautiful jewellery with quilling as the medium. They brought out lovely peices of art and were applauded for the same.