International Student Exchange Programme

To give a start to an Online International School Exchange Programme initiated by Swami Vivekanand Cultural Centre, Embassy of India, SouthKorea, a zoom meeting was held among the principals and teachers of Pratap Public School, Karnal,India and Dongnae Horticulture School,Busan, South Korea on 9th May 2022.

The meeting was scheduled to discuss about the distinctive ways of teaching and learning adopted by the respective schools .They exchanged their strategies, ideas, curriculum along with their school videos. Overall the interaction was very fruitful.

>The inaugural session of Cultural Exchange Program between Pratap Public School, Sector-6, Karnal and Daesa Elementary School, Busan, Republic of Korea took place on 9th May, 2022 through video conferencing platform. The students of class 4,5and6 participated in this Exchange Programmme. The students of both the schools exchanged greetings in Indian and Korean way. They also learnt some amazing things about both the schools . The students introduced themselves and shared their hobbies using drawing and painting. The session was very enriching, exciting and fruitful.

Ma’am Sonu Trivedi, Director Swami Vivekanand Cultural Centre, Embassy of India , Seoul, Republic of Korea graced the Exchange Program with her presence and motivated the students with her words of wisdom . The role and efforts of Ma’am Bomin Kim, Programme Officer, Swami Vivekanand Cultural Centre is also appreciable.  Last but not the least the pillar of strength Dr Puja Walia Mann, Principal of Pratap Public School, Sector-6 as always was the source of guidance at every step.

Pratap Public School,sec 6, feels delighted to commence another International High School Exchange Pogramme initiated by Swami Vivekanand Cultural Centre, Embassy of India, Seoul, South Korea.

The Inagural session of second online  International Cultural Exchange Programme took place on 11th May,2022 between Pratap Public School, sec 6 ,Karnal and Dongnae Horticulture High School,Busan, South Korea on virtual platform.The students of grade XIth and XIIth of both the schools participated in this programme.They interacted with  each other in which they introduced themselves and talked about their schools. Students  exchanged  their way of  learning as  their curriculum is entirely different. They shared  their likes and dislikes and  enjoyed a fun round of riddles at the end. Overall the session was very entertaining and fruitful.

This Exchange Programme was a huge success  due to the constant efforts of Dr. Puja Walia Mann, Principal of Pratap Public School, sec 6, Karnal

Pratap Public School, Sec6, Karnal feels ecstatic to announce the successful conduct of Online International School exchange program with St. Mary Girls High School, Busan, South Korea on September 30, 2022 which was initiated by Swami Vivekanand Cultural Centre, Embassy of India, Soeul, South Korea.

The students from both the institutions took a zestful part in the event and exchanged information about their festivals, clothing, food items along with their personal likes as well as dislikes. The session began with an interactive introduction of the students of both schools.

Pratap Public School, Sec-6 feels nostalgic as we had the final online exchange program for the year 2022 with Daesa Elementary School, Busan today.The Exchange program as usual was enjoyed a lot by the students of both the schools.The key features of today’s program were Korean song sung by the Pratapians,Traditional dance,dress,food,the Taj Mahal and the school life of both the schools. The students also learnt about the Korean snacks and Hanbok which is the traditional dress of South Korea. Special thanks to Dr Puja Waalia Mann for her unconditional support and making the Exchange Program possible between the Pratapians and the students of Busan.

After the successful completion of online exchange program for the year 2022 between Daesa Elementary Public School, Busan and Pratap Public School, Sec-6, the most exciting event enjoyed by the students was the exchange of Christmas and New Year gifts which brought joy and happiness to them.

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