Pre Primary



First Day Of School
The new session for the batch commenced on 2nd April,2024.A cheerful “Welcome” helped the  kindergarten children for a positive start to their school journey. We Pratap Public School fraternity welcomed our  little bundles of joy wholeheartedly on their new leap of learning. Students of Nursery, LKG and UKG started their first day of school with lots of excitement. Fun filled palm painting activity was conducted for them. 
“The journey towards excellence is about to begin”
Baisakhi Celebration
Little kindergarten students danced to the rhythm of Baisakhi. They immersed in the vibrant colours, live music and the cultural richness of this auspicious occasion. Our little Pratapians were dressed in traditional attire and performed various activities with the help of their teachers.
Earth Day
We can change the world with our two hands
The little ones  celebrated Earth Day joining hands together to keep our planet Earth clean and green. The children learnt about our planet Earth and how to take care of it by inculcating small habits in their day to day life.
They enjoyed doing Earth Day related activities (Colouring,Hand Painting) etc.They also took  a pledge to save our planet Earth. 
 Know Your Belongings
  “Know Your Belongings” means to know about the things which belong to the children individually. Kids learnt about their belongings and were also  taught  to be responsible and to take care of them.
Mother’s Day
Maa,Amma,Aayee,Mom,Omoni are some of few words that people use all over the world to call Mother. It is said as God could not be everywhere, so he created ‘Mom’. It is the mother who does everything for the well being of the child. Students made ‘Thank you’ cards for their mother.
Oral Hygiene
Good Oral Hygiene is essential for maintaining overall health and well being . It involves practices of keeping the mouth clean and healthy. Dental health activities like ‘Brushing Teeth’ , ‘Happy Tooth,Sad Tooth’ were conducted to help the young ones to maintain life long healthy habits.