Pre - Primary Activities

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Earth Day Activity 
Earth day was celebrated on 22nd April 2022 in the Pre - Primary Wing. It was celebrated to create awareness about protecting our planet and preserving the environment. Our tiny tots enjoyed doing various activities like cotton dabbing, hand printing etc. Children were taken for a nature walk to make them aware of their surroundings and to learn more about their mother nature.
Family Tree Activity 
Pre - Primary students performed  various activities on 29th April like family picture pasting , hand printing of the family members . lt was  not simply an activity but a precious memory worth cherishing .They were told the importance of family in their life."
Mother's Day Activity 
No language can express the power and the beauty of a Mother's love".
The students of the Pre - Primary Classes celebrated 
Mother's day  on 5th May to show respect , love and gratitude towards their  mother. Students prepared bouquets and cards . The Tiny tots  gave the bouquet and the cards to their mothers. The excitement and love was captured in the photographs sent by the mothers. It was a beautiful day.



Mango Day celebration

To celebrate and relish the taste of the king of  fruits - Mango, the Pre primary classes celebrated Mango Day on 8th July,2022.The teachers made the students aware of the benefits of eating fruits.The little ones also participated in various activities like recitation, coloring, earbud painting, ice cream stick pasting, etc.

Tiny tots also brought various mango delicacies.

Kids enjoyed the day.


 Seed Germination Activity


A Germination activity was organised for the children of Pre primary classes.They were asked to bring seeds by their teacher who taught them the process of germination, leading to the holistic development of each child.The children gained knowledge in a fun and hands on way.


 Teej celebration


The festival of Teej celebrates the bounty of nature,arrival of rains and greenery surrounded by rituals and customs.


Tiny tots of Pre primary classes celebrated this festival with great joy.


Students came in green attire, relished ghewar, phirni and enjoyed the swings.


*Activities for August month




Independence Day in India is observed on 15th August every year. It is a national holiday that is celebrated with pride across the nation.


Therefore, to make the occasion memorable students performed various activities like Handpainting , Paper Tearing etc. Parents also became a part of the celebration by sending  tri coloured delicacies.

It was a memorable experience for all.



 Rakhi celebration


In Pre primary wing of Pratap public school celebrated Raksha Bandhan with full zeal and endeavour that one associate with this auspicious festival.


The main objectives behind celebrating "Raksha Bandhan" was making the children aware about the virtuous bond of love between brother and sister which is one of the deepest of all human emotions.


Tiny tots tied rakhi on the  wrist of their brothers, Rakhi making and coloring activities were performed.




Krishna Janmashtami is one of the biggest Hindu festivals celebrated with great pomp and show in India.

Young Pratapians celebrated Krishna Janmashtami, an annual commemoration of  the  birth of Hindu deity Krishna, the eighth avatar of Vishnu.


Our little blooming buds of Pratap Public School celebrated Janmashtami with great enthusiasm and zeal.The children were made aware about the customs and traditions followed in the Janmashtami celebration.The children also participated in various  activities.


Happy Janmashtami !!


Activity for September month


 Grandparents are the family's greatest treasure, the founders of a loving legacy, the greatest storytellers, and the keepers of tradition. Grandparents are the family's strong foundation. Through their special love and care, grandparents keep a family close at heart.

To honour their grandparents the students of Pre primary classes made cards and photo frames for them.

A Grandparents' love is strong and deep .Filled with memories to cherish and  keep.
 Grandparents are a family's greatest treasure, the founders of loving legacy, the greatest story tellers and keepers of traditions .To honour them Pratap Public School  organised a Grandparents  week where the Grandparents came to the classes and narrated  stories with morals and values. It was a happy hour for the Grandparent with the grand child and his/ her classmates. The children were excited to see their Grandparents at school .Our worthy Principal ma'am Dr.Puja Walia Mann and Incharge ma'am Ms.Ritu Seth showed gratitude to  every grandparent for their love and support in imparting education to the children.

School celebrated clean and green Diwali with festive gusto. Various activities were organised on this special occasion like Kandeel Making, Matki Decoration and Rangoli Decoration for Classes Nursery to UKG. The tiny tots really showcased their creativity as well as enjoyed doing them.


Diwali is the festival of lights which is celebrated in India with great extravaganza. On the occasion of Diwali a special assembly was held by the students of LKG-B and LKG- C .The occasion was graced by our Respected Principal Ma'am Dr.Puja Walia Mann and Incharge

Ma'am Ms. Ritu Seth. Students of Lkg B and Lkg C enthralled the audience with their impressive performances .


"Every child is a different kind of flower and altogether make this world a beautiful garden".

November 14 is celebrated as Children's Day. The special day is celebrated in remembrance of India's first Prime Minister Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru.

To make this event a memorable one for our little ones, PPS Sector 6 celebrated Children's Day in the school premises.The celebration began with the morning prayer.

Tiny tots of class Nur- A and Nur -B rocked the stage with their magnificent dance performances.

The children felt very excited, appreciated and loved throughout the celebration.


A trip to Pipli Zoo was organized by Pratap Public School Sector 6, Karnal for the students of classes Nursery to Ukg , to promote awareness about the world of amazing animals and birds.They saw a variety of animals and were fascinated by the beauty of nature.

They enjoyed many games as well as enjoyed their meal together. Overall it was a day well spent which has given our tiny tots wonderful memories.



As, children are endowed with the gift of speech, with variants in pitch, volume, pace, rhythm, tone and expression . So, to build the self confidence in the kids of Pre Primary , this competition was conducted wherein the kids participated and performed well and encouraged and cheered their friends.


*Christmas Day
Christmas Day was celebrated in Pratap Public School, Sector -6 , in the Pre Primary Wing. The students along with their class teacher enjoyed performing various craft activities like - colouring and making the Christmas tree. The children sang and danced to the Christmas song. It was indeed an enjoyable day for them. 
*Republic Day
Republic Day was celebrated with great zeal and enthusiasm on 25th January, 2023 in Pratap Public School, Sector-6 in the Pre Primary Wing. The students learnt about the significance of the Day. They performed various class activities like - colouring, paper tearing, pasting and ear buds printing . The children enjoyed the day.
*Basant Panchami
Basant Panchami is marked as the festival to welcome the spring season. The day was celebrated in Pratap Public School, Sector -6, in the Pre Primary Wing on 27 th January, 2023.
The students were taken to the garden area. They enjoyed watching the beautiful flowers. They performed various class activities like, colouring flowers and making paper kites. It was a great day for them.
English calligraphy competition:
A good handwriting  is a mirror of knowledge.To improve the presentation skills and to inculcate the habit of good handwriting  among students an English  calligraphy  competition was conducted for classes L.G.K and U.K.G. Every class incharge conducted this activity in their class itself. At the end, winners were awarded with certificates and encouraged for upcoming events.