One hour session on the topic “Science, Values & Happiness”

A one hour session on the topic “Science, values & happiness” was organized by the Bhaktivedanta Institute, Karnal for the students of classes IX to XII on 30th Aug. 2019. Dr. Ankit Sharma (PhD Robotics & automation from IIT BHU) presided over the session. The mission of Bhaktivedanta Institute is to encourage a holistic thinking in necessary domains of knowledge that are very crucial for personality development & positive thinking. 
The speaker created interest amongst students & involved them in an interactive session. He emphasized on the synthesis of science & spirituality towards the benefit of humanity. He introduced a new particle called “spiriton” apart from electron, proton & neutron to the students that defines life. He also stressed on value based education for the all round development of students. He influenced the students to keenly observe, critical think, visualize & then draw conclusions.