Fingage - The Art Project

HDFC Bank organises National level Inter-School Competitions
Fingage - The Art Project
It's an engagement contest where participants submit their entries on the contest website ( and the  best entries will be selected by a jury panel. 
Participants also have the option to share the same on social media and ask for votes
Period- 1st - 15th May 2020 (may extend to 22nd May basis response )
Process :
  1. Register on the website 
  2. Choose the category to participate in, from arts & crafts and Mobile photography 
  3. Each category will have age groups for the contest 
  4. After submission, the entry is reviewed and approved by the art Project team
  5. Once the entry is accepted, there will be option for voting on the website 
  6. The jury award is decided by a dedicated panel access the categories 
The website will host workshops and videos from experts in various categories i.e how-to videos, arts and crafts tips, photography workshops and more
Awards worth Rs 7 Lakh to be won
  1. Top winner per category wins award worth Rs 50000
  2. Next 4 jury winners in each category and 1 popular choice winner win awards worth Rs 20000
  3. Top 50 winners across category to receive Smart Buy vouchers worth Rs 500 each 
  4. All participants get E-certificates