Educational Workshops Held on 2nd, July

In collaboration with Ratna Sagar, a teacher training workshop was organised on 3rd July, 2019 with an aim to support and enrich the faculty members in making the teaching and learning experience contemporary and comprehensive.
Ms. Anamika Sharma, a professional educator was the resource person. An ELT specialist – she imparted various interesting teaching methodologies and techniques through activities and games one can make teaching and learning a fruitful persuit. She firmly stressed on respecting individual dynamism.
She suggested the teachers to teach English by following traditional approach. Imparting classroom, management techniques she conveyed that both teaching and learning must be effortless, flowing and indeed rejuvenating. A teacher like a wizard must have a firm contravening his class. A teacher ought to realize self worth. The ideas conceived by a teacher for the pupils have a ripple effect.
She strongly opposed bilingual method as it makes children dependent. Regarding teaching of literature, she stated that difficult words meaning must be told to the pupils before the formal reading of the chapter as it helps to develop a better understanding of the text. In reading comprehension, cause and effect questions must be included in the questionnaire.
Children’s vocabulary must be built at an early age. So teachers must put in concerted efforts and conduct related activities in this regard.
Synonyms/ word meaning must be simpler words. A teacher must ponder that grammar must be taught informally. Multi-disciplinary approach must be followed.
Breaking the monotony of the classroom teaching she taught how one can resort to music and captivate the pupils & direct them to be creative. She asked the teachers to be innovative and inquisitive.
She concluded with a spiritual & philosophical note. She urged one and all present to strive to be happy have faith in thyself and have a sound moral character.
Maths Seminar was held on 2nd July 2019 in Pratap Public School Sector-6, Karnal by Indiannica Publication. The resource person for workshop was Mr. S N Chibber. He has vast experience in the field of education. He is retired Principal from Directorate of Education. He has been a resource person with NCERT, CBSE and SCERT for conduction of teacher’s orientation.  
Feedback involves a change of focus what the teacher is putting into the process to what a teacher is getting out of it.
He started with the introduction to the number system consisting of natural number, whole number, fractional number, Rational Number, prime number, composite number, with the real life problems related to mensuration. He also told the teachers to accept their mistakes, think positive and not to lose their temper. Critics are not your enemy but they improve your teaching.
The workshop greatly expanded understanding of mindfulness and gave great understanding of how it can be used and taught to develop student self awareness, skills.
A Hindi Workshop was organised by Harbour Press International at Pratap Public School, Sector-6, Karnal. 43 teacher of Pratap Public Schools attended the same. Dr. Ram Karan Dabas, an eminent Hindi Scholar was the resource person. He mdae the participants aware of Hindi Language skills and shared his experience in Hindi World. Dr. Dabas is a member of CBSE Syllabus formation Committee. This workshop was quite informative. Dr. Dabas solved teacher’s queries reasonably.
He explained interesting teaching arts, vartani & uses of answer and anunasik varnas. He emphasised on Hindi debate, declamation & other vidhas of Hindi. He solved teachers’ queries regarding Lekhan.